"We used the IndiVisual® Math with a number of students that were attending summer school. Loading the software was a very simple process. Our two iMac computer labs each have 32 student computers and a teacher computer. We were up running with very little down time to our computer lab. Our computers were already loaded with QuickTime 5.0 so installation was quick and easy. James Jacox and the staff at IndiVisual® Learning were on site when we asked for their help and information to get us going the first time. We supplied the necessary student information to the IndiVisual® staff so we could track the student progress. I was very impressed with the student's response to the program. Our summer school students were immediately challenged to concentrate, solve problems, and move on to the games. The program kept the students' attention and kept them working and solving problems. The graphics, sound effects and design of this math program are really high tech. It's a winning program to increase student achievement. It works!"
Lee W Alberts
IBO: 5663

"The things that I like are the arcade and the races, they are so much fun!"
Madison, 6th grade

"I think the games are fun, I like the arcade."
Andy, 6th grade