Core concept mastery is the basis for learning more advanced math. Our Whole Numbers course focuses on the core concepts of place value, borrowing, carrying, practice with useful feedback and word problems in a real world context. The program presents two approaches, one is How and the other is Why.

How takes the student through a complete scaffolded instruction that requires completion to criterion before the student moves on. Each step is broken down and then re-integrated for wholistic understanding. It is followed by practice where with each level of success an explanative support is withdrawn until the student successfully works the problems independently.


Play Action
We recognize the power of play action to attract attention to the screen and sustain engagement through reinforcing real progress. The program also clearly distinguishes between working at learning math and then being rewarded for your effort with time in the arcade. The arcade features only math games.
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The program addresses four arithmetic operations across single digit to multiple digit, place value, carrying, borrowing.

NCTM standards

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has has published standards for classroom instruction. IndiVisual® Whole Numbers instructs in the concepts underlying the kinds of problems found in daily instruction. We operationalize these standards into distinct behavioral objectives that form our lessons.

Scaffolded instruction
Scaffolding is an effective means of breaking down a problem and then step-by-step of solving it through algorithmic deconstruction. This is the heart of our scaffolding: breaking down each step to facilitate effective transfer from short-term memory to working memory as an intact chunk, freeing short-term memory for the next step.

Useful feedback
Useful feedback is hard to do. Sensing what is the most useful response to an error is one of our strengths. Good feedback is like mind reading for the kids.

The MathToolkit™ is unique. It is better than a simple calculator because it shows how the problem is solved. Each borrow or carry with its crossing out is done with tools designed to build habit strength through explicit visualization and manipulation of the numbers, symbols and tools. It is also a graphic organizer that helps keep columns straight.

Word problems
Mastery of the word problem is a goal of IndiVisual® Whole Numbers. The connection to the real world exists inside a real problem in which the student must understand the relationships among the values in order to solve the problem.
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