Thank you again for providing such an excellent tool for increasing student's reading proficiency. Today, again, I had another tremendous success story with a student who also possessed tremendous reading deficits and clearly lacked self-confidence, which ultimately equated to misconduct and severe disciplinary behaviors. She also scored three perfect scores in a row, and today, read very smoothly in class with few or no breaks, or stumbling, "ers" or "ums, and according to another program we're using, has improved almost two grade levels in reading proficiency. She now really WANTS to read aloud in class to show how far she's come. In addition, she is now much less inclined to get off task in class, play, backtalk, or misbehave because she now no longer feels embarrassed about her reading "problem," because as of now, the "problem" is very steadily dissipating. I am extremely proud of her transformation. Hopefully, it will continue to improve. In fact, I'm certain it will.

As to your previous e-mail, I would be proud and honored to share my letter with anyone you deem appropriate, not for my sake, but for the recognition of the students who have and are continuing to improve, grow, and mature with the help of Indivisual. However, keeping these students on task and focused remains the most challenging, but rewarding part of this job as a classroom teacher using this excellent tool. In spite of this fact, however, once they begin to get acclimated to the format and style of each indiviudual reading lesson, the pace, and the logically ascending order of each level, students begin to realize the fun and profound excitement of learning something incredibly new to their worlds. As each day passes, my students passionately want to learn more and it seems that this Program helps them "quench" their inimitable desire to "satiate their educational appetites." Almost daily, you can hear the questions, "What lesson are you on?," "How many lessons do you have left to finish that level, Level 1, Level 2?" "Did you get to that lesson about the Red Baron?," "Mr. Boaz, do you know about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad? I just learned that...." resounding from my classroom before and at the end of each day's lessons. It's profoundly gratifying. Experiencing these responses from children makes it all worthwhile.

Dave Boaz
Attucks Middle School
TAKS Reading Lab teacher


"As Educators, we learn that some students learn better in one-on-one settings instead of group settings. This is found to be true with students who are not functioning on grade level. Using technology as an enhancement is great because students can learn at their own pace, avoid embarrassment from peers, and know the level on which they are functioning.

We were elated to have the opportunity to use IndiVisual Reading in the 2002-2003 school year. We found it very successful, yet fun for the students. The students were able to increase their vocabulary and conceptual growth through your reading program. The students began to understand that vocabulary knowledge strongly influenced their reading comprehension. They learned that commanding vocabulary was much more than memorizing words and definitions. They learned that in content areas, words are labels for important concepts and could be, and were, mastered through repeated experience within meaningful context. This is one of the things that IndiVisual Reading focuses on.

The students were shocked to learn that much of the vocabulary was learned in the content areas. They were able to acquire the meaning from their procedural knowledge and to act on the concept as well as apply it in combination with other ideas.

I loved the idea that this program was geared on building on the students' existing schemata to develop entirely new schema. Through IVL Reading, the students were able to connect the QAR Strategy. By applying and understanding reading content, the student gained a better understanding of how to learn and how to read instead of just calling out words without knowing its meaning. We look forwarding in working with you in the future. "

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"What I like the best is that it's set up for children to move at their own pace. Children aren't falling in cracks. When our children fall in cracks with our other reading program, then we have tutors that tutor them and pull them up. In the Indivisual program, the children are caught right away, before they can slip."
Donna Amann, Principal,
Putnam School,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We did implement the IndiVisual Reading program with our migrant students. The students had a chance to work with IndiVisual Reading for only five weeks, 40 minutes per day. It was successful. Our students went up on the average 1.2 grade levels, which is very, very impressive. I was more impressed because those were students whose second language is English, and that was in a short time. What could we do within a semester?"
Elia Bruggeman, Principal,
Sleepy Eye School,
Migrant Summer School Program,
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

"The interactive computer program, IndiVisual Reading, was appealing for our middle school students at High Island Middle School because of its ability to capture their interest. The program's ability to attract the student's attention and provide individual instruction with positive results makes it one of the most dynamic reading programs on the market today."
Gwen Edgar,
Curriculum Director/Counselor,
High Island I.S.D.
High Island, Texas  

"We developed the IndiVisual Reading program to help students become better readers across the board. In the data, we're not seeing growth in incremental kinds of gains, we're seeing them in terms of leaps in gains."
John Manning, Ph.D.
Senior Professor of Reading,
College of Education,
University of Minnesota,
and designer of the IndiVisual Reading instruction,
Minneapolis, Minnesota