Scope and Sequence for IndiVisual Learning Math: Rational Numbers

Lesson 1: What Does "Rational" Mean?

Lesson 2: The Decimal Point

Lesson 3: Percents and Parts of 100

Lesson 4: Dividing Without Using Remainders

Lesson 5: Decimals and Percents:
Moving the Decimal Point

Lesson 6: Prime and Composite Numbers

Lesson 7: Prime Factorization

Lesson 8: Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 9: Comparing Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 10: Mixed Numbers

Lesson 11: Multiplying Fractions

Lesson 12: Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Lesson 13: Multiplying Decimals

Lesson 14: Multiplying Percents

Lesson 15: Dividing Decimals

Lesson 16: Reciprocals

Lesson 17: Dividing Fractions

Lesson 18: Combining Fractions with
Common Denominators

Lesson 19: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Lesson 20: Combining Fractions with
Uncommon Denominators

Lesson 21: Cumulative Percents

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