General TIMSS info
The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is a long series of studies conducted by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). The 1999 TIMSS study assessed 8th-grade students in 38 countries to determine proficiency in high school readiness objectives.

The TIMSS test was developed by groups of mathematics educators worldwide. Items represent a wide range of mathematics topics and elicit a range of skills from the students. Distinguished scholars from 10 countries ensured that the test reflected current thinking and priorities within the mathematics field, without any bias toward or against particular countries.

The 162 mathematics items on the test are divided into five categories: Fractions and Number Sense, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, and Data Representation – Analysis – Probability. Here at Indivisual Learning, the Fractions and Number Sense category was further divided to create the Student Evaluation Tests for the Whole Numbers and Rational Numbers courses. The other item categories are currently being compiled into tests for our remaining three Middle Grades courses (Chance & Data, Shapes & Measurement, and Algebra Concepts).

Because TIMSS data details the percentage of U.S. 8th graders who answered each test item correctly, grade norms were easily interpolated allowing conversion of Evaluation Test scores into Grade Level Equivalencies. IndiVisual’s Evaluation Tests are completely subject-specific, and have no biased “teach-to-the-test” connection to any material in our Mathematics courseware. Therefore, an observed increase of +1.2 grade levels from pre- to post-test scores on our Rational Numbers test shows valid, direct student growth in that subject matter area.

Results of IndiVisual Learning's Rational Numbers pilot program

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School Results

Notes on Alignment to State Standards
Our programs were designed with NCTM standards in mind. Where we are innovative is in realizing that simply making a lesson for all possible standards is not the best use of teacher time, rarely stimulates that teachable moment, and buries the student when there is a smarter approach. Our scope and sequence is about core concepts that are vital. Not all instructional points are equal. As supplemental instruction, students may have already heard these things many times. Our point of attack is on core concepts mastery of which enables a student to benefit from mainstream instruction. Our goal is to liberate kids from remediation.

What this means is that we satisfy 100% of core concepts in number sense, operations, fractions, decimals, percents, andn chance and data analysis that are required by the 6th grade. Students in upper grades may benefit if they are lacking concept understanding of basic elements such as place value.

For Elementary/Middle School to Junior High in the states listed below we satisfy core standards for number sense, basic operations, fractions, decimals and percents, and chance and data.

New York

At this time we do not satisfy any geometry, shapes, measurement or algebra standards.

We are planning control-group studies for our Rational Numbers math program. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.
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