Rational Numbers Pedgagoy

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Since all three of these topics are about Rational Numbers it makes sense to build a program around their relationship to each other. As the student progresses they discover how having learned one form of a rational number sets the stage for solving problems using terms from the others.

NCTM standards
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has published standards for classroom instruction. Rational Numbers instructs in the concepts underlying the kinds of problems found in daily instruction. We operationalize these standards into distinct behavioral objectives that form our lessons.

Scaffolded Instruction
Scaffolding is an effective means of breaking down a problem and then step-by-step teaching how to solve it through algorithmic deconstruction. This is the heart of our scaffolding: breaking down each step to facilitate effective transfer from short term memory to working memory as an intact chunk, freeing short term memory for the next step.

In Rational Numbers, the MathToolkit™ has been expanded and includes tools that cannot be found in a book. Here it expands into a total workspace in which partial solutions can be found and applied. It supports almost any algorithm in addition to the ones taught.

Game Arcade
These math games are so good, we are featuring them by themselves. Students have told us that the games are so compelling they will do long division just to play them. Our games uses core math concepts to elevate the worksheet to a level game aficionados salute for their innovation and challenge. There are levels for everyone from novice to expert, simple to tricky brainbusters.
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