Mission Statement
IndiVisual Learning designs effective remedial instructional software. Our products recognize the role of the teacher in effective application of instructional materials. We enable teachers to deliver precise instruction exactly when a child can best use it. Using our products children can make up lost time faster and more cost-effectively than with other methods.

The IndiVisual Organization:
IndiVisual Learning, LLC, is a Minnesota-based organization formed in 1998, derived from the vision of Howard Casmey, former Commissioner of Education for the state of Minnesota (1969-81). Howard's deep passion for education, and his role as an educator for more than 53 years, provided him with a clear understanding of the needs of students struggling to achieve, as well as the challenges for education professionals that assist them.

All IndiVisual Learning products are student-centered remedial and supplemental instructional programs. Instruction follows the student. Our programs are standards-based, curriculum driven - rigorous, but designed to be played. They feature interactivity that puts the student in control. Our technology is open to foster rapid development.
Student centered

Enabling a child to learn at their own pace, in control of the instruction and replay, and giving useful contextual feedback is the key to our approach to instructional design. We carefully select color, text sizes, and navigation based on direct observation and user input.
Remedial and Supplemental

IndiVisual Learning builds the best remedial and supplemental programs that enable a student to control their learning. We augment existing core curricular products working with all major educational philosophies. We compliment your curriculum and give your students another instructional point of view and the coached practice they often need to put them back to grade level or ahead.

Instruction follows the student
This means our programs can be played from home, a public library, a church computer room, as well as the child’s classroom. The Internet log in puts access where ever the student happens to be. Anytime, anywhere.